August 20, 2018

Cairo Symphony Orchestra

Cairo Symphony Orchestra

The Cairo Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1959 under its first Music Director Franz Litschauer.
The CSO has a regular season with different conductors and international soloists.
The Cairo Symphony is based in the Cairo Opera House, located in Gezira.
The first of a series of recordings of Egyptian music was released in 2001. The Cairo Symphony Orchestra originally supplied music for Egyptian radio and television. Affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, the group continues to perform weekly symphonic concerts on their own.

The Principal Clarinet position has been offered to Jordi Juan Perez during the year 2018.

Cairo Symphony Orchestra

Stravinsky II - 3 Pieces for solo clarinet Stravinsky III - 3 Pieces for solo clarinet Sonata Saint Saëns Concerto Franz Krommer - III Rondo

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